Traditional OKAPI pocket knives

Okapi Knives - which is a registered trade mark - have been manufactured in Solingen, Germany from 1902 until 1987, after which the knives have been manufactured in South Africa.

Over the years the range has increased, and in addition to the various Folding Knives, Butcher and Kitchen Knives, a variety of Agricultural Hand Tools and Sugar Cane Knives have been added.

The pocket knives as well as hand tools are manufactured from superior quality hardened and tempered Carbon Steel and the handles of the Agricultural Hand Tools as well as the Sugar Cane knives are made of seasoned hardwood. All OKAPI knives and hand-tools have an excellent reputation for quality in all the countries to which the "OKAPI KNIVES" are exported. The Folding and Butcher knives are used for everything from wood carving to skinning of animals, fishing, cracking of mussels, harvesting of vegetables as well as cutting of meat and bread.

Traditionally the Pocket and Butcher Knives are used by individuals for whom a knife is a necessity.

Through ongoing regular research and product upgrading, our customers are assured to obtain the necessary quality they are accustomed to.

OKAPI Knives are distributed through Wholesalers and Distributors, not only in South Africa, but in many countries throughout the world.